Welcome to Parablesnow!

You are about to enter into a partnership that will change the world. Kobe Bryant said it best. “Nothing in this world moves without stories.” Stories are paramount! The great philosopher, Jesus, taught and spoke to his followers in parables, an ancient storytelling tool that still exists today.

Now it’s our time to be intentional about using these tools to change the world.

Parablesnow was created to partner with real people all around the globe to share their story. 
All of the stories shared on Parablesnow are authentic experiences told through the persons own words. 
Some of these will be motivational, heartbreaking, uplifting, thought provoking, and unfathomable. 
But these are the stories that people have lived through, overcame, and may even still be processing. 

Passed down from generation to generation our ancestors testimonies has helped us overcome
and survive through life’s challenges. 

Now it’s our turn to leave a trail breadcrumbs for the future generations to come. 
Let’s enter into a partnership and together we can let others know that “You are not alone
and someone has survived what you are facing.
Tune in. Tell a friend. And remember there’s a face behind every story and it could be one you see everyday. 
So let’s change the world together one story at a time. 

This is Parablesnow!



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